Peppermint Park Connects Membership-Only Shopping Sites with a Community of Women

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With membership-only shopping sites on the rise, the recent launch this month of Peppermint Park falls in line with the necessity of e-tailers in the digital space. The woman behind the members-only shopping site, Jessie Conners, was the youngest contestant to appear on NBC’s The Apprentice. The self-made entrepreneur under the age of 30, saw the opportunity in investing in a platform that could unify women through the online shopping experience.

On a flight to New York, Jessie found herself in chatter with a woman seated next to her on a five hour flight. That night, the conversation she shared got her thinking about “girl talk” and the need of a community that could unite women. As men have sports that rally them together, she saw shopping as an opportunity to bring together camaraderie of women. “That night at the Sheraton in Midtown, I scribbled down the business plan on a sheet of paper,” says Conners. And the rest is history.

Amongst fashion tech and business folks, there is much talk about how venture capitalists should pay attention to the digital fashion market, as not only a profitable operation but one that can change the face of the fashion industry on a whole. Jessie says “There are a few e-tailers that our public companies and their numbers aren’t that great. I didn’t just want to be another copycat. Also, there was no way we could compete with the big guns right off the bat, so we needed a business model that was totally different. This is what sets us apart and keeps us in the black. We provide phenomenal deals and revenue source for our members and the membership dues help the company grow.”

Holding private shopping events in the Peppermint Park showroom in the Minnesota headquarters has allowed for women to convene, network and socialize through their favorite pastime of shopping. It’s vital to have that sense of community IRL, but the power to bring women from all walks of life together from different parts of the country, is a notion of high importance to Ms. Conners. The digital community aspect of Peppermint Park is currently under development and is to be launched by the end of the year, in effort to bring women together in the spirit of retail therapy

With over 300 brands listed and savings up to 80% off retail prices, there’s always something for someone. That means you, too. If you enter the code “lalanyc” into the sign up page, you’re free of membership costs for two months at Peppermint Park. So, sign up, get sharing and create the community that we would all like to see in the online shopping space.


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  • I don’t understand all the hype about Peppermint Park. I joined through a free Oprah membership and found the site to be awful. The photography is miniscule and poorly done You would have to have seen the merchandise at a store to know what you are getting.It is difficult to understand why they charge to join the site when there are many well run online sale sites with much better graphics and photography which don’t require a fee. On top of that, I have been emailing and calling over a period of 6 days to cancel my membership and have gotten no response. It’s a very unprofessional site

  • I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. If you email me your information at – I can try to get in contact with the people at Peppermint Park and see if we can get to the bottom of this. Let me know what you think!

  • I have been researching the site ever nice it was highlighted in O magazine and have to agree with the above poster who indicates the photography is poor. There have now been a number of websites (purse forum, facebook) where people have reportedly received replica designer(Prada, gucci) purses.