6 Steps to Getting Your Message Out into the World

The internet has become the biggest playground for creative expression and freedom that the world has ever seen. Everyday people like you and I, are all equally given the opportunity to show everyone and anyone our gifts, talents and maybe even our own personal message that we want to share with the world. But sometimes, it can feel overwhelming to get started. You may think that there are so many people with the same gifts, that it’s hard to stand out or that maybe you’re resisting putting your work out there in fear of being judged? Whatever the blockage may be for you, please know this is only starving the world of all the magic you’ve got. I’ve put together 6 quick steps to get over the hump ofย getting your message out in the world.

#1. Know Your Worth & Your Value!
This is the first & biggest step to put yourself and your work out there. You have to believe in everything you are and everything you do. Even if there are a million other people doing what you do, there is no one with your voice, your point of view. There is only one you and that is your gift! Believing in yourself and your work is the basis for any kind of success but plays especially important when you’re trying to put your work and message out online. You’d be surprised how accurately people can smell when someone doesn’t believe in themselves or what they are putting out in the world. How can you expect anyone else to believe in what you’re putting out, if you can’t. Your energy and intention is crucial to getting your message out into the world.

#2. Be Intentional with Your Message & Your Work
What are you saying to the world and why are you saying it? It may seem like a frivolous question to ask yourself but it’s so important to keep checks and balance while you are putting yourself out there with the potential of making yourself vulnerable. If your intention is “to add value and bring peace to others”, create a checklist to go through every time you post on social media. Ask yourself three quick and simple questions:
Does this post represent who I am?
Is it true to my message?
Does this add value and bring peace to others?

#3. Be Clear on How Much You Want to Share from the Start
Sharing your message or your creative work can be extremely, extremely vulnerable. That goes without question, but you are in control of what and how much you share of yourself, your work, your message or anything else that feels sacred. Creating clear boundaries for yourself of what you will and will not share of yourself keeps out the possibilities of feeling overexposed and prevents oversharing.

#4. Be Consistent!
This is the most important step out of all of them! The internet is an over-saturated, noisy place to be. While we can cut through the noise to reach the people we’d like with our unique POV, it’s still hard to capture the attention of anyone these days. Making a non-negotiable agreement with yourself to post every single day to your preferred social media platform (although, more than one is far more effective) will help you build trust with your audience and they will seek you out because of all the value you add to their lives.

#5. More Practicality
But in the famous words of Erykah Badu, “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit!” Sharing your work or your message can be an incredibly vulnerable process but reframe the way that you are looking at sharing your work. If it is based in love of wanting to share your love with the world, if it is looked as a duty you have made to yourself than it is easier to get past all of the blockages that are in your way for you to get started.

#6. Just Start!
Put away the procrastination and perfection, magic was not made from those two ideals. In fact, perfection kills our creativity! Sometimes, regardless of the planning, you just have to start! It does not have to be perfect. It does not have to be what someone else did. It just has to be yours, utterly your truth and nothing else. Get your butt going and show the world all the brilliance that resides in you, no excuses!

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