12 Grounding Techniques to Balance Your Energy

Life can take us every which way if we don’t know how to ground our energy. It’s so easy to become scattered, frazzled or anxious when our mind, body, spirit isn’t rooted in balance. And sometimes those feels are not fun to experience – for anyone. I put together a list of my favorite Grounding techniques that have been super helpful for me. I hope they will be for you as well!

Be in Nature
There is nothing more grounding than being in mother nature’s presence. Taking a walk in your local park, touching the leaves of plants, getting some sun in your face does something supernatural for the spirit. Being in nature is my number one go to for grounding myself.

Deep Breathing/Breathwork
Our breath is such an incredible and cleansing tool. Using the pranayama active breath used in breathwork meditation can easily help us get grounded and release the emotional toxins in our bodies.

Connect Your Feet to the Earth
Although “Earthing” has had more widespread popularity due to it’s Goop debut, earthing yourself has been a go-to, holistic grounding technique that has been helping folks for years getting centered and returning back to earth for sustenance. Place your feet into the earth’s surface – whether that may be grass, sand, soil to create a spirit connection to mother earth. It’s said that “when a person is grounded, those electrons naturally flow between the earth and the body, reducing free radicals and eliminating any static electrical charge.”

Call on Your Crystals
Whenever I’m feeling anxious or unbalanced, I grab a few crystals that speak to me and hold them in my hands. I find that crystals are amazing at absorbing negative or frantic energy, help us reach a more peaceful space. Β So when I’m working with my crystals, I employ deep breathing, meditation, intention setting or breathwork in conjunction to reach a more balance state of inner peace – which I think we can all use.

Lather Yourself in Essential Oils
I can’t imagine my life without essential oils. I use them twice daily: to start and end my days. But on tough or stressful days, I’ll apply more depending on what I’m feeling. I’ve become accustomed to getting familiarized with the healing properties in each essential oil that I have in my arsenal that I’ll choose the one I’d like to use that day based solely on what my intuition calls for. But the best essential oils that I grab for grounding are: lavender, frankincense and vetiver – which make a great diffuser blend. Although if you are a Young Living Member, I’d definitely opt for the Grounding blend – it’s a genius oil that truly helps grounding chaotic energy.

Drink Warm Tea
Sipping on warm tea can be ceremony. Tea allows us to slow down time and be present for every sip. Skip out on the high caffeinated drinks and opt for a herbal tea that will ease your mind and calm your nerves. Spend time cherishing how the each sip of your tea nourishes you body, mind and spirit.

Immerse Yourself in Salt Water
I’m a huge fan of salt baths. Whether you use epsom salt, dead sea salt or magnesium flakes, fix yourself a salt bath and let your mind get free. Salt baths are amazing for reducing stress, eliminating toxins in the body, improving blood flow and of course, grounding your energy. If you’re not into bath soaks, then get to your nearest beach, get in and soak. Mother Nature provides us the same grounding qualities in her ocean.

Work with Singing Bowls
Whether you have a physical Tibetan singing bowl on hand or if you employ an 2 hour long Tibetan singing bowl playlist on YouTube or Spotify – let those bowls sing. Singing bowls have wonderful healing properties by tuning our frequency to high vibrations bought to our energy fields by sound. The pulsating tone grounds us into a state of calm that can bring us more peace in our minds and hearts.

Do Some Mirror Work
Take some quiet time and sit in front of a mirror. Breathe deeply while you look into your own eyes. It may feel uncomfortable to have this level of intimacy with yourself but it is such a beautiful practice. While your meditating on your own eyes, look to see who that person is behind those eyes, what is his/her/their desires, what makes them feel, who are they?Emotion may come up and there’s nothing more cleansing or grounding that a few tear drops to allow us to know that we are human and we are doing our best.

Light a Little Incense
Burning incense or smudging sage is a great way to ground yourself when you get home after a long day. As soon as you light your incense, you are more likely to reduce your anxiety levels, boost your calm, purify the air in your space and have your creative drive stimulated.

Attend to Your Root Chakra
The Root chakra also known as Muladhara deals with grounding, security and survival – so working to balance our root chakra can truly help aid our own groundedness. Eating red fruits and veggies can help with root chakra balance or even root vegetables – thinks carrots, parsnip, celery – all that grow out of the earth. You can also use color therapy by wearing red colors to promote more alignment in your root chakra.

Write or Read It All Away
Sometimes we just need a little releasing in order to ground ourselves. Doing some morning pages or a freewrite in our journals or being present for new information in a book that we’re reading can be just the grounding we need to return to balance.

What do you do to ground yourself? Has there been anything surprising that you’ve done that has brought you more balance in your life? Share in the comments, below!