Frida: In Expression

One of the most recognizable aspects of Frida Kahlo that has catapulted the once unknown Mexican painter into one of the most unmistakable cultural zeitgeists has been the way in which Frida adorned herself....Read More »

Frida: In Influence

Taking a look at Fridamania, the social media and millenial obsession with Frida Kahlo – I am torn in two. On the one hand, I am thrilled that...Read More »

Frida: In Magic

As we dig deeper into the inner workings of Frida Kahlo’s mind and life – I can’t help but wonder about the underpinnings of her work that speak to Frida as a spiritualist. While coming out of the shadow of being “Diego Rivera’s Wife” and into the...Read More »

Frida: In Love

When I began working on this project, I thought to myself what are the biggest aspects of Frida Kahlo’s life. It was love. There is no story of Kahlo without talking about her tumultuous marriage to famed Mexican muralist Diego Rivera....Read More »

Frida: Digging Deeper - A Photo Series

I’m not exactly sure when my life began to be influenced by Mexican painter Frida Kahlo – my when it did, my perspective transformed from grey and began flourishing into vivid color. I became fascinated with her work, her duality, her strength, her darkness, her passion and her life...Read More »

6 Ways to Break Out of a Funk Today

 We’ve all been there – things are going great in your life and then boom! We get into this funk that we just can’t shake. It can last a day, a week or much longer. But the truth of the matter is that we want it gone and...Read More »

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