The Power of Vulnerability

One of the greatest means of true, purposeful human connection that I’ve been able to have with others has been through vulnerability. It is such a beautiful tool that allows us to live in our truth and encourages other people to do the same. But it’s not for the faint of heart, that’s for certain. In order for us to reveal our truth, we have to be comfortable in our own skin and have a willingness to share a part of ourselves that we don’t often get to share. That openness is what allows others to relate and commune around the commonalities or inspiration that people see in you. There’s been this common misconception that being open and vulnerable is being weak. I could not disagree more, because on the contrary – only people that are willing to dig deep and share themselves are the ones that reap the rewards that life gives us when we stand in our truth.

I put together a short video sharing my thoughts on the power that vulnerability can have in our lives and our connection to others. I’m hoping to share more videos talking with you guys about the topics that encompass self love, personal growth and spirituality. If there’s ever any topics that you want me to cover, please feel free to let me know! I got tons of feedback on topics that would be interesting to touch on in my Instagram lives, here. So feel free to comment here, DM me, email me and let me know!

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