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We’re nearly at the half way mark at 2017 and I can’t believe what this year has contained and evolved into yet. It’s truly amazing. At the end of 2016, I set some goals for myself. Things that I wanted to accomplish, topics that I wanted to study, spaces that I wanted to immerse myself in and people I want to work with. One of these goals being to dive into the study of holistic healing modalities to heal myself of limitations and with the hope to hold space for others. So in January, I took my first Reiki healing training with my aunt and my grandmother, who held space for me, as reiki masters. I was attuned to Reiki energy and have been working with the healing life force energy ever since. This path of doing work with intention in the healing arts feels very guided, blessed and ever expanding.


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Last year, I took a workshop for breathwork with Erin Telford that was held at Maha Rose in Greenpoint. It was one of the most liberating experiences I have ever had emotionally or spiritually. While I was deep in meditation lying in Savasana in the room with about 30 other women, I had strong visions of me doing more breathwork in my life and the possibility of sharing this breath with others. I wasn’t sure how or when or why, but when I left that room, I knew that I wanted to learn how to hold space for others using breathwork. Fast forward to about February, I get an email from Erin’s newsletter sharing that she would be holding breathwork healer teacher trainings. Holy shit, the universe truly knows how to provide when you are clear with your intentions. Since the training was going to be in LA, I waited a little bit before I decided to commit.


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I knew that this was something that I had to do, it was just a matter of logistics. A month before the training I reached out to Erin to ask if there were anymore spots left and that I’d be coming from NY. She replies back saying there was just one more spot left. There was no further confirmation that I needed, this opportunity was truly divine. So I packed up my things, prepared myself by reading “The Reluctant Healer” by David Elliot, booked the most dreamy jungalow Airbnb and left for LA. I filmed a quick vlog sharing my experience in the training with Erin held at the beautiful WMN Space in Culver City, the commitment, the emotion, the women that I shared space with and the energy that was felt by diving into this work.

I spent 5 Days in LA absorbing up all the sun, so I would return more sunny when I was back in NY. It was one of those trips that changed my life. Taking the time to do the work on myself, taking the space to clear myself of all the noise when life happens and you’re building a new business – I was able to reach a level of clarity that still feels so potent and strong and unwavering. I can feel my tides turning, my path taking its course and allowing in a new role as a being holding space for others to heal. It’s thrilling and meaningful and something I take very seriously. Now, that the training is done, I am able to hold my own one-on-one breathwork healing sessions, which is extremely exciting to me. I will for sure keep you updated with the latest happenings and when I will be extending more healing offerings. Truly expansive and exciting times in this Age of Aquarius. Let’s see where this winding path of purpose leads us to next.

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