Sacred Space on the Go

It’s such a necessity for me that I can create a sacred space on the go when I’m traveling out of town or even when I’m staying at my boyfriend’s house. Since I feel most at peace when I’m at home – I want to create that same peaceful environment when I’m not. There’s nothing like creating a space to center myself and ground my energy. Usually when we’re traveling or visiting family, our energy can get scattered just simply by the logistics of airplanes, cars and trains. So everytime I travel, (even if just for the weekend) I keep a little box that I keep all my spiritual essentials that I would keep at my altar at home.

Here’s what you’ll need for your sacred space on the go:

  • Recycled Box
  • Crystals (of your choice)
  • Small Sage Bundle
  • Small Piece of Palo Santo
  • Small Lighter
  • Tealight Candle

I reuse a box that I got when I bought some jewelry online and just leave in a small piece of palo santo, sage, a tealight candle & a lighter. I keep that in there year round, so when it’s time to up & leave, I’m already stocked & ready to go. It’s small, compact & doesn’t take up a lot of room in my carry-on, weekender or suitcase. When I get to my destination, I find the ideal table, dresser top or even window sill that I can use to set up my sacred space on the go. Essentially, you just need a flat surface that can serve as your altar. You can line up your spiritual tools on your table top and use that as the focal point for your sacred space. I also like to decorate this area with flowers from nearby trees or sea shells I find at the local beach – if I’m staying somewhere tropical.

Lighting the sage or palo santo is an incredible way to center myself, gather my energy and settle into a meditative space. Although, I understand that not every place is smoke/smudge friendly – so lighting your tealight candle is a great alternative to help aid you in slowing down your energy. Just make sure you blow out your candle before you head out of your room. It’s a such a great feeling to walk back into your hotel room, AirBnB or family’s spare bedroom and see your altar waiting there for you. Just because your environment changes, doesn’t mean that your energy has to. Give yourself what you need.

What do you do to make yourself comfortable when you’re traveling? What are some tips you have that help you center yourself when you’re away from home?

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