Palo Santo 101

Palo SantoMost of us on our spiritual journey have become well accustomed to burning sage and using it for smudging to ward off negative or old energies. It’s always exciting to learn about other spiritual tools to add to our arsenal of awakening. There’s something so special about the aroma of Palo Santo – it’s comforting and feels amazing to burn after a long day interacting with lots of different energies. Known as the “holy wood”, Palo Santo is considered one of the most fragrant woods in the wood coming from the Bursera Gravolens tree found from Mexico to Peru. It’s in the same family of frankincense and myrrh – and it’s concentration of resin only grows stronger with age. There is a lot of Palo Santo being sold that hasn’t matured yet, so make sure the Palo Santo you buy has a deep, rich color to it. Burning Palo Santo is known to raise your vibration, aid in grounding and clears out stagnant energy.

Palo Santo 101

So what are the different ways to use Palo Santo? It’s very common to use Palo Santo stick – which is a cut piece of the holy wood. We can bring flame to the stick and burn for about 30 seconds and then blow out the flame. You can allow the smoke to engulf your space and smudge the wood stick around your body and spirit as you would in a sage smudging. Although, don’t expect a continuous burn. After a minute or two, the smoke will come to an end.

Palo Santo

I’ve come across an incredible social entrepreneurship company called Incausa, that offers a wonderful Palo santo incense stick that is one of my most prized spiritual home essentials. The resin for the Bursera Garvolens tree is pulverized and mixed with vegetable charcoal, dipped onto a bamboo stick, then dried – so the burn is luscious and continuous. You are met with a smoky, almost ceremonial experience when burning these Palo Santo incense sticks. Afterwards, your spirit is lifted, your space cleansed and the aroma so lovely, your guests will ask what you’ve been using in your space.

Incausa Palo Santo

There is also Palo Santo essential oil that is derived from the Holy Tree in liquid form that is wonderful to apply to the wrists for grounding and it’s beautiful scent. Palo Santo essential oil is also wonderful to use in a diffuser to receive all the magically healing benefits of this glorious wood in your space, without all the smokiness.

Incausa Palo SantoI hope this post has give you a small idea of how powerful Palo Santo is to work with. It’s no surprise that ancient Inca people and even South American indigenous traditions today involve harvesting this incredibly holy wood of Palo Santo. To find out more about the Palo Santo incense sticks, blends and soaps that Brooklyn-based company Incausa is offering, visit their website:

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