Surrender to Change

Surrender to Change

I’m finding more & more that when life is showingΒ me a new path, a new way – it can be hard for me to adjust to what is shifting in my world. But when I take a bird’s eye view look at it, it’s really all good stuff. Change means more opportunity to grow and reach new heights. It also means letting go of the things that can’t come along with me on the new journey. This has happened in all stages of my twenty seven years like clockwork. When life presents me withΒ an opportunity to step my game up – I become required to leave behind the things that don’t fit anymore. A small price to pay for a soul upgrade.

But I’m not going to bullshit you and say I just flow with the happenstances with ease because I know its good for me. I’ve been famous for resisting change, out of fear of the unknown, not being able to handle what God’s putting in front of me or worse ::gasp:: failure! All of that self talk is a lie, is ego/fear based and is depilating to my growth, I can see that now. Even the failures are an opportunity to learn and become better than you would have ever imagined. It’s hard to let go of the old but I’m finding at every turn of change that adversity is challenging me to get smarter, stronger, better. It’s just something that I’m learning to flow with, surrender to. Allowing it all to happen and unfold before me.

Don't Resist Change, Go With the Flow

There’s this amazing illustration that I’ve seen circulating the inter-webs that always puts me at east when I see it. (Pictured Above) We can surrender and allow change take us where we need to go and float. Or we can resist and allow our fears turn still water into a current that we are unnecessarily fighting against. All the signs are showing me that things don’t have to be as hard as I’m working for them. There’s a lot of wasted energy that comes from kicking against the ebb and flow of our lives. That’s time that I can invest in my overall physical, spiritual and emotional wellness – the necessity to be able to create beautiful things centered around change.

The more I desire flow and ease into my life and habits, the more I attract flow and ease into my life. It’s like the lesson of surrender never ends. Even when you think you’ve surrendered enough to the universe and all that will be – the more surrendering there is left to do. As I stop fighting the flow and trust , I surrender more. So how do we manage to allow change to flow in when all we know is to resist it?

  1. Believe that the universe that surrounds us, is also the universe that supports us in all that we do and everything we are.
  2. Understand that all that change requires of us is a willingness. A willingness to want more, want something better of ourselves than what we’ve experienced up to this point.
  3. Stop working against our growth. It makes it hard on your angels, spirit guides, ascended beings to help bring in the beautiful, elevated things that are waiting us – if all our actions of pushing them away demonstrate we don’t want all that good stuff.

We’re all due for a soul upgrade, now are we going to make it easy on ourselves and accept with an openness and willingness to receive new energy? I hope for you and for me, that we surrender even deeper than we ever have before, so we can reach the heights we’ve always dreamed of. It’s all right here for you.

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