6 Ways to Break Out of a Funk Today

 We’ve all been there – things are going great in your life and then boom! We get into this funk that we just can’t shake. It can last a day, a week or much longer. But the truth of the matter is that we want it gone and gone quick. We’ve gotta break out of a funk. No one likes the feeling of feeling stuck in their life or even the feeling that you can move through what life is presenting to you at the moment.

Getting stuck in a creative rut or just plain stuck in a funk is something I experience often and usually happens when I’m not in alignment with my highest self, therefore blocking the flow of good energy and abundance. If it goes on for longer than a few days, it’s very common for me to start feeling self-pity, depressed and it becomes easier for me to enter into low vibrational thoughts that only affirm the things that I don’t want to appear in my reality, because I invited them in with all the attention that I gave.

So how do we break out of a funk and flow back into thoughts and emotions that support us on our journey of self love and emotional well-being?

1. Allow Yourself to Feel Your Feelings
It’s very easy to push down emotions that don’t feel good to us. But it takes courage to face our negative emotions head on and say Hey!, anger, sadness, jealousy, inadequacy (or whatever prominent emotion you may be feeling) – I see you, I feel you, I acknowledge your presence right now. And once I’ve processed you, I’m flowing to the other side, to a better feeling thought.

2. Journal It Out
For whatever reason, you’re meant to be experiencing this funk. Journaling can be the most rewarding way to process how we are feeling then shift our thoughts into better ones. Not to mention, writing down how you feel is a great way to release emotion and let them out of your consciousness.

3. Talk About It
Call up a friend that will be empathetic/sensitive to your vulnerability and tell them what you’ve been experiencing. Sometimes, just talking about it is another form of release and hearing ourselves say certain things out loud allows us to heal or even snap out of right then and there.

4. Meditate
If meditation isn’t a part of your spiritual practice, making an effort to give yourself that gift at least once a day can be super helpful in flowing out of a funk. Just allowing yourself to be present and focus on your breathing lifts many veils of illusion (ego) that may be blocking our path towards abundance.

5. Move Your Body
Whether you run, dance, box – do yoga, pilates or crossfit – moving your body elevates your mood and boosts your energy. Sometimes, we need to physically release trapped emotion buried deep in our bodies out into the universe – because its no longer ours to hold on to.

6. Visualize What You *Do* Want

When we’re in a funk it’s easy to wallow in self pity and victim energy and say “I don’t want to feel like this!” We can yield such more powerful results if we think and affirm what we do want. Abraham Hicks teaches the act of “deliberate creation” which is focusing on what you want as if you already have it – which attracts it into your reality. If you visualize something as yours and allow yourself to feel what it feels like to have that – it’s already yours.

Imagine just doing this small exercise when you’re in a funk:

Allow yourself to feel what its like be clear-headed, in alignment with your core desires, in ease and flow with life. It won’t take long before that funk dissipates and becomes a field of flowers before your feet.

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    • Lovely Liza, so glad you connected with this post. I wrote it because I literally was just stuck in the funk the past week and I’m here so often. I’m thinking to myself, I have to find the remedy to get be back to my higher self. Thank you for always be so supportive – it really means everything to me. Have a beautiful weekend!