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So, I’m ready for a new hairstyle. Every year and a half this happens. I become restless with my look and need a change. I never do anything too drastic but I’ll definitely make a drastic change. One time it was a short chop, another was pin straight hair and blunt bangs. Now, segueing into my current situation which is long, messy layers of curly hair – which ultimately has turned into weighed down waves and straight strands because my hair has become that heavy.

Lala Lopez hair
So with a change in mind, I’m thinking something fun, something out of the box. I don’t want to chop off all my length because god knows how long it took to grow but want a different shape so the curls aren’t so weighed down by the length. I’ve been fantasizing about a bit of a rounder shape with a fun, messy curly bang. I know, I know. This sounds like a terrible idea to most but there’s just really something to the idea of that style that really gets me going. Naturally, after a convo of changing styles with a friend, I stalked Pinterest and Google images for the perfect curly bang styles.

Ginger Wavy Bangs
Karen Elson

All of these ladies above, obviously know what’s up. They let those luscious locks flow and do as they please. I’d want to go a lot longer than some of the photos here but I think what I’m really referencing here is the shape, layered up higher and at the bottom, as well. I know that shape would really let my curls do their thing. But then, during my search I realized there were some curly bang archetypes that it have to pay homage to.

20140214-093606.jpg20140214-093616.jpg20140214-093623.jpgAnnie Clark, St. Vincent

Annie Clark: the girl knows loose curls/bangs and how to rock them like the rockstar she is. Her look makes me realize that I can throw my bangs around and to the side if I please and work the possibility of making messy the coolest thing you’ve ever seen.




Jennifer Lopez in “I’m Glad” Music Video: What isn’t there to say about this? This video by David LaChapelle was pure brilliance when my 16 year self saw Jen’s glutes in the audition scene for the first time, but what was even better was how on-point the Jennifer Beal in Flashdance hair. Essentially, when I say I want curly bangs this is what I envision I will look like but I’m concerned that this may be a lofty expectation as I do not have a glam squad to tend to each wavy tendril when humidity strikes or if I happen to have a costume change.



Freja Beha Erichsen: The least curly of the curly bang option but Freja is the cornerstone of the messy wavy bang/hair look and she’s a goddess, so she needed to be included. That iconic image from Tom Ford’s ad campaign is epic. She always makes messy look chic.

So, in closing – there are many shapes and styles that I can play with. It’s all depending on how my curl pattern feels like acting. Lately, it’s been more of a heavy, squiggle wave and I’ve never been a curly girl with ringlets, so maybe I can pull off some of the more wavy looks. One thing is for sure, if I go through with the curly bangs or not, I want my new hair to say to the world: “Yes, my personality is as big as Diana Ross’ hair and I’m damn proud of it.”

What do you think of a curly bang? Would you go through with it? And anyone in New York know of a good curly-haired stylists that uses sulfate and paraben free products? If so, please let me know – I am in desperate need of a great stylist! Too bad this guy is all the way in California πŸ™

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