Letting Go to Make Space for the New

Letting GoThey say that change is the only constant. Not only is that a fundamental truth – but I’m coming to find that when we allow change to happen, we’ll find that’s exactly where all the goodies of life lie. Flowing in partnership with change as it comes in, will always bring in all the gifts and lessons that we’re meant to receive. The types of gifts and lessons that put us on a higher plane than we’ve ever been able to experience before.

We’ve all gone through it. We’ve outgrown relationships or have realized the ones we once had are now not healthy for us anymore. But the comfortability and familiarity keep us in it. It doesn’t matter if platonic or romantic, long or short – relationships are difficult to let go of. There are memories. There is care, love and connection. There may even be an identity of yours that you associate with knowing certain people in your life. And ultimately, detaching from these factors are just plain hard. But the big question here is: if there were expired milk in your fridge, would you still drink it? Most likely you wouldn’t. Holding onto toxic relationships that not serving your highest good are no different.

In an effort to let life flow as it will, we’ve got to listen to our intuition and know when all the signs are encouraging us towards a new path. It might feel scary and unfamiliar to charge on without the cushion of the friends or lovers that we’re letting go of – but I’m learning that there is reward for doing the right thing for ourselves. When we take action to do good things for ourselves, it’s like signaling to the universe that we are worthy and available for even better things to come in. And if you take it a step further, when we clear out any emotional, psychic even physical cobwebs in our lives, we are making space for things that match your vibration to come in. Making the tough decisions will always come with luscious reward, if you’re willing to take the leap.

I’ll never take away from knowing that it is always hard to say goodbye or see you later. But the love that we feel for the people who were in our lives for reasons or seasons don’t ever really go away. We can always keep the happy thoughts and feelings with us as we soar into new dimensions.

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