Palomino Island

Milky Greens and Blues

Water Taxi, Lala Lopez Palomino Island

Bottoms UpHepcat Shades and Levi's, Lala Lopez

Paradise in Palomino Island Palomino Island, Puerto Rico

Water Taxi to Palomino Island, Lala Lopez

Docked at Palomino Island

When my girlfriend and I decided to take a trip to Puerto Rico, we knew that we wanted to see more of the island than we have in the past. So we decided on staying in the El Conquistador Resort in Fajardo for a night or two – especially because of the Coqui Water Park that was on the resort for her beautiful son Owen. I remember as a kid going to El Conquistador and taking a catamaran down a mountain to a dock where a water taxi awaited to take you on a ten minute ride in the Caribbean Sea to Palomino Island – a private island in Puerto Rico that was only accessible by guests of El Conquistador.

The whole encounter of just getting to Palomino Island is the coolestย experience in of itself. The water taxi is super fast and the water just gets clear and bluer as you reach Palomino Island. The sun was hotter, the sand was finer and the water was more miraculous. Iguanas crawled all of the island. I mean, what seemed like 4 foot long iguanas crawled around – minding their business, as they peacefully coexisted with the rooster roamed Palomino – giving all the guests of the island quite the wonderment. If you get a chance to travelย to Puerto Rico, I highly suggest that you stay at least one night in the El Con Resort and get the best of Palomino Island.

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