Puerto Rico Street Art

Wolf by Jufe Palm LeavesLa Perla RooftopsLala Lopez in Old San JuanMural by ROAWavy WheatpasteBeach VibesStreet Art in Puerto RicoColegio de ParvulosLa Vida RooftopParadise is Very NiceJose Enrique RestaurantHazy WavesLittle Girl in SanturceTurquoise Church in SanturceBomba y Plena Mural, SanturceBeach CreaturesLa Playa de Isla VerdeCarmelo Anthony Court in La PerlaSunlight Side Street, Viejo San JuanDona FelisaSan Juan Historical SiteGirl w/ Bangs and an AttitudeViejo San Juan UphillLala Lopez in SanturceMural by ROAAll Smiles, Up CloseChandelier in El San Juan HotelSan Juan Historical SiteLa Que VuelaAll Smiles in La PerlaViejitos in La Plaza de Santurce

I spent this past weekend in Puerto Rico. It was a super quick trip but a much needed one. Anything to get away from the biting New York cold. I’ve been spending time in Puerto Rico for as long as I can remember – it’s the closest thing to a second home that I know. It always feels so good to return because there is always something new that I discover about the island and fall in love with it all over again.

As my love for graffiti and it’s evolution into street art in New York is ever increasing. I’m really beginning to see it’s influence all over the globe. I always knew that Puerto Rico had great graf writers and that in San Juan – the hub was in the small community of La Perla – known to most as a high crime area in Old San Juan. Yet, some of the most well-known artists come to this area to tag and put up new works. But what I came to find was that the graffiti in Puerto Rico was not only happening outside La Perla and it’s surrounding areas but it was evolving into some truly sophisticated and innovative work all over Puerto Rico.

During my two day stay, I was only able to venture out into Viejo San Juan, Isla Verde and Santurce but I found so much good in such a short span of time. While in Santurce for dinner at the Jose Enrique restaurant, at every corner I turned there was beautiful colors and walls covered in murals, wheatpaste or graffiti. It was so dreamy. Just think: warm balmy weather, palm trees, color everywhere and incredible street art. It’s a way different way to experience street art than in New York – because even when it’s nice out – it’s still not tropically majestic like PR just happens to be. I can just imagine what I’d find if I had more time and a mission to hunt for Puerto Rico’s finest street art.

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