Surrending Control

Surrender | Lala LopezAs young ambitious women, we may or may not spent our time trying our very best to control the flight or plight of our destiny. While there so much importance knowing that our action and dedication to our own lives can help determine our place in life, there comes a point when you just have to turn in those keys to the front door of control and just surrender.

I have experienced this the hard way time and time again. In my meticulous and often impulsive, perfectionistic Virgo ways, I’ve pushed and pulled towards the way I envisioned my life to be. I spent and depleted countless hours and energy building something that I wanted to believe in and feel good about creating for a larger audience, often forgetting about myself. The impulse for control always seemed to put me a disadvantage and without fail into a place that wasn’t serving my goals and dreams. But yet forced them into an overwrought place that left me flat on my ass. And the common denominator was always my desire to control – rather being attuned to the flow of life.

Now, I’m clear that these are my experiences and can’t speak for experiences that you may have. Yet, I can only imagine as creative people we may walk a fine line between creating what we want to see in the world and then forcing our visions onto ourselves because we want to see them come into fruition so intensely. But the truth is, we haven’t any control over the direction and paths of our lives, dreams, and ambitions at all. That is something we have to just leave up to the universe.

It’s about showing up for yourself and for your life. Exuding that passion, doing the tactile things towards a greater goal and then letting go & allowing things to happen as they may. Surrendering is the most beautiful, vulnerable and powerful thing that we can do for ourselves as creative women. While we keep up our energy and enthusiasm for life, I trust that that surrender to whatever it is life has in store for us will always place us in a position of receiving everything that is meant for us – good, bad and indifferent. It’s all meaningful.

It may not seem groundbreaking right now but when we allow the intention of surrender into our lives, there will be that moment where everything shifts for you and you can see the flow and ease come into your present. The gifts that will come in will be abundant and will forever fortify your creative vision and voice. As I affirm this for you, I manifest this for myself too.

Let’s just let it flow…

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