Honor Your Intuition


Any time that I take a look at my own personal and spiritual growth, I tend to realize how pivotal it has been every time I honor my intuition. You know, intuition – that gut feeling you have when life is telling you that something is very wrong or very right for you in the present moment. I’ve found that listening to that gut feeling and trusting it can lead us some of the most fruitful experiences we’ll ever come across. I’ve put together a photo story loosely based on Frida Kahlo’s paintings “Two Fridas” – to explore the duality and magic that is within us that can help us make the best steps forward in our lives.

Honor Your Intuition

What is Intuition?
It’s the little voice that you hear in the back of your head that tells you which road to take, don’t cross there, be cautious of this situation or that even warm feeling we get when we know we are in good company. It could seem crazy to act on our intuition by just listening to those voices that pop up in our heads. But it is truly this unexplained knowingness that lives inside us that everyone has access to. How many times have we said to ourselves, ‘ugh, I should’ve trusted my gut?’ It’s the easiest relationship to build and keep with you beyond your lifetime.

honor your intuition

How Do I Trust My Gut?
Our intuition acts as our inner guide giving us loving and practical advice, it’s like having a little life coach right within us. But trusting this ‘guide’ can seem like a daunting task but in fact, it just takes intention and repetition. Anytime that inner voice comes up and is saying something to you – even something silly like ‘take this street, instead of the one you normally go down.’ – trust it, honor it, listen and take heed. The more that you exercise your intuition muscle and listen when it’s telling you something – the more that you will realize that it will show up for your when you need it most. It’s really as simple as that. The more you work on focusing your awareness on the guidance your intuition is showing you, the more your inner guide is going to show up for you. You honor your intuition and it will honor you.

Honor Your Intuition

Does Everyone Have Intuition?
Yes, Yes and Yes! There’s no one that got skipped over when the universe was passing out intuition cards. We all have it, it’s just a matter of us building up our awareness around it. And if you’ve noticed – the more you become aware of something, the more it pops up – the same idea applies here. It can be a truly beautiful relationship that you have within yourself that can help you trust and love yourself and others even more. And how could you not, you’ve got your inner guide on your side.

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