4 Best Weekly Astrology & Angel Readings

4 Weekly YouTube Angel Readings

I really love astrology, angel and tarot readings. I like to check out at least one astrology or angel reading on YouTube throughout the week. It’s become a nice thing that I like to do to start off the week for myself. It helps me stay attuned to the messages that I want to look out for when flowing through the week. So usually Mondays or Tuesdays, I’ll type in my favorite astrologer or healer’s name on YouTube and I’ll listen or watch the reading for the week. ย Most readings are usually uploaded before Sunday for the upcoming week.

The astrologers and healers that I really enjoying tuning into all have a different styles on how they like to share the information and messages for the upcoming week. Some use sun and moon charts to see what’s happening planetary, while others call on archangels while using angel-centric tarot cards.

I wanted to share all the wonderful videos that I tune into each week. Sometimes, it’s just nice to listen to see if there’s a message in there for you, that you can take to make your week, day stronger or better guided. I’ve sifted through tons of astrologers and healers out there on YouTube and the interwebs over the past few years. These 4ย astrology and angel readingsย happen to suit my energy well and I find to be prettyย accurate.

Doreen Virtue
I really love Doreen I’m a huge fan of her books and angel oracle decks, so it’s a real treat to receive weekly messages from Doreen via YouTube and daily on Instagram. She has a gentle approach to readings, holding the intention that everyone that is viewing the video will receive the message they need with a very soft delivery for sensitive folks like me. Doreen typically pulls three cards for the beginning, middle and end of the week from decks that she has co-created with other healers or artists. She usually likes to film with her slew of wonderful dogs, cats and birds in her home in Hawaii.

Melissa, Miracles Within Us
Melissa is without a doubt from the angelic realm and an incredible healer. Her YouTube channel Miracles Within Us shares weekly readings based on angel oracle cards where she picks cards for the beginning, middle and end of the week and then a separate card for a healing message, also holding the intention that everyone viewing the video will receive the message meant for them. She also does awesome monthly videos based on your zodiac sign. Melissa also holds awesome workshops online and in New York, if you want to connect with your angels or strengthen your intuition. I’ve been blessed enough to have worked with Melissa one on one. I can tell you first hand that her healing energy, readings and workshops can help bring you on the path you want to be, if you’re willing to do the work.

Kaypacha’s Pele Report
Tom Lescher aka Kaypacha is the MF shit! I like to listen to his videos that usually are uploaded on Tuesdays or Wednesday and are a little longer than the usual at around 20+ minutes.He shares what’s happening in the sky for the week, how we can understand it, how it affects our collective consciousness and things we can do to improve our circumstances. Each week he provides a weekly mantra that always resonates well with me. It’s a very fun and playful feeling over at the Pele Report.

Nadiya Shah
Nadiya is pretty awesome. She’s an awesome astrologer that means business and does extremely detailed astrological readings based on your zodiac sign. She spends time sharing what’s happening in your sign, how you’re affected and the specific dates you should take action or see things happen for you. On her channel Synchronicity University, she provides weekly videos for every sign but also does some amazing monthly and yearly reports based on love and general focus.

I hope you have the chance to check these and I hope you find the same tremendous value in these YouTubers like I have! <3

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