Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle

 2015 was a huge year for my own personal and spiritual growth. I am sure that I’m not the only one who has experienced major shifts in awareness and connectivity to personal truth. I’m finding that the collective consciousness is rising and we’re all waking up to more truth in our lives. The rapid speed of the information age may have made our heads spin or be glued to our iPhones but it’s pace is also bringing us into the Age of Intuition, the Age of Aquarius. We’re getting to the point where our lifestyle demands that we don’t let anything dull your sparkle.

We see more people taking care of their bodies (vessels) and making an investments in the food they are putting into their bodies. More people are connecting to their intuition and using meditation to bring more balance and peace into their lives. We’re buying more sustainable and eco-friendly products and being more conscious of our environment.

On a mass level in years past, we had been starved of consciousness. We had been programmed and locked into a soul-nutrient deficient diet based on celebrity idolatry, self-validation by way of social media likes, sensationalized news and GMO food consumption and belief in the age old stigma that vulnerability is weakness. All of these lifestyle choices have been shown to lower our vibration, leading us further away from ever truly realizing our highest and most heightened potentiality.

We all want to shine bright, reach our goals and live our best lives. As we are becoming more and more aware, we are utilizing the tools and resources that are available to us. It’s exciting to know that as a collective we are choosing more of what will help us soar and less of that low energy consumption. I came across an awesome book last year by Doreen Virtue that really gave me some good suggestions on how to live a highly vibrational life.

 In “Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle”, Doreen offers up tons of well supported evidence that tells us where we can make small changes in our lives to begin stepping into our highest selves – starting out with cutting out any drama addiction and making lifestyle changes based on how our bodies respond to trauma & stress. Here’s a condensed list of highly vibrational lifestyle changes that I loved getting from this book, because let’s be honest – we’ve gotten this far and who wants to let anything get in the way of sparkling the brightest they can:

Eating Organic, Non-GMO Vegetables and Fruits
Daily Breathwork & Meditiation
Releasing Relationships with Drama Addicted People
Low Histamine Diet
Consistent At-Home Yoga Practice
Wearing Clothing Made from All Natural Materials & Dyes or Vintage
Protecting Yourself from EMFs (Electronic Magnetic Frequencies)
Using Cruelty & Chemical Free Beauty and Household Products

I just want to note that while these were great take-aways that I personally received from this book – it’s so important for us to check in with what works for us as individuals. Using our intuition to tap into what feels good and what doesn’t, will always give us a good gauge if something is right for us or not. What may work for me, may not for you and vice versa. While our collective consciousness is rising, that happens as a result of us being true and authentic to ourselves first and foremost. I hope you find this post useful and are excited as I am about the bounds and leaps that we’re making in our individual & collective growth. I’m wishing you abundance, love and an incredible year ahead!

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