Follow Your Own Path


Ah, the life of a creative person. It’s not always an easy one but damn, it is the most beautiful struggle. I remember when I first realized I was intuitive and creative being, I should have seen all the signs in my adolescence but it took me a lot longer to understand who I was then. I remember being in college, studying things that I didn’t feel enriched by. I felt like I was wasting my time and my parent’s well earned money when I could have been pursuing my passion in a more tangible way. Back then, that pursuit was by styling fashion shoots and interviewing designers. The only reason I stayed in class was because in my mind, it was just a societal given that you must graduate college after you’re done with high school. I was an obedient kid that didn’t even know that making decisions for myself was an option. But soon after, there came a period when I was filled with urgency to follow my own path. To do what spoke to me, to create the reality that I wanted for myself.

Those self-realizing moments are not always easy, as it’s very common to quickly think of the worst. What will my parents say? What will my friends think? Am I crazy for doing this? There are so many questions that can pop into your head when you make a big decision to follow your ownΒ  path. Yet, the most important thing that we can do for ourselves as human beings walking this green earth, is to be good to ourselves. To listen intently when your heart takes you away from popular opinion or status quo and brings closer to your truth and your dreams.

Nowadays, with the constant distractions swirling around us at any given time, it can be hard to stand your ground and do the things that are necessary for you – even if that goes against what everyone else does. When you follow your own path, your number one duty is to live your truth, act on what speaks to you and leave the rest on the table. These tests in living in your own individuality will come up every time it’s that point in your life to up your game, when it’s time to take things to the next level.

I like to believe that we all have a predestined path that is distinctly our own and it takes an entire lifetime to be fully revealed to us. Whether we are creative or practical, we all have dreams and desires – no matter how big or small that we would like to have come into fruition for us. When we listen and trust that pulsating passion within us, it will always take us where we’re meant to go.

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