24 Ways to Stay Wild, Creative & Free

Stay Wild, Creative & Free

Everyone has a creative side, even if we think we aren’t the creative type. We are all artists in some aspects of our lives. We can be the most analytical person with all the facts and numbers but have a beautiful singing voice or have some serious skills in the kitchen or be a wonderful dancer. But how do we keep that internal wild woman unleashed, living in our truth, living in our power so that we can grow into our highest potential? We have to keep that inner artist curious and activated. It’s so important to stay connected to your true nature. Anytime I find myself off path or uninspired, I do one of these things to stay wild, creative and free.


        1. Sing Out Loud
        2. Pick Up a Paintbrush and Paint
        3. Free Write for as Many Pages As You Can
        4. Strike Up a Conversation with a Stranger
        5. Find a Yoga Practice that Suits You
        6. Do Something Your Afraid of
        7. Have a Spa Day
        8. Travel Somewhere New
        9. Cry When You Have To
        10. Listen to Your Favorite Song
        11. Talk a Walk in the Park
        12. Watch a Movie with Your Best Friend
        13. Take Yourself on an Artist Date
        14. Say How You Feel
        15. Cook Something New
        16. Dance in Your Underwear
        17. Make Something You Don’t Know How To
        18. Talk to Your Plants
        19. Get Rid of the Idea of Limitations
        20. Dress Up for No Reason
        21. Do Something Nice for Someone
        22. Reread your Favorite Book
        23. Be Good To Yourself
        24. Live Everyday as Your Most Authentically Expressed Self

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